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Vicente -Juan Ballester Olmos
Anomaly , Spain , http://www.anomalia.org Foundation

FOTOCAT Reach 5,000 reports!
In The Moment of writing , December 24, 2004 , has accumulated FOTOCAT UN Reports 5,000 total. Considered AS CURRENTLY Mayor UFO Cases Books Specializing in Photographic yeah Projects receiving the full file on ONE website a sin offering fin Restrictions Access Self para whole community of UFO Researchers .
International Cooperation
    • Overall
    The French researcher Patrice Seray of CNEGU Group has provided Various Photographic Materials and Information On A Good , Number of Cases . Monsieur Seray has posted MANY valuable reports in the journal Les Mystères de l'Est describing Photographic Different Cases . Also worth noting the contributions of Italian Giorgio Abraini ( the CISU ) , the Argentine Amateur Astronomer Carlos Demaria , Cuban (Resident in Spain ) Carlos Fleites Gonzalez, and Spaniards José Luis Ramírez and Luis R. González (Anomaly Foundation).
    • Photographic Cases Italians
    It has been a given jump Important Quantitative Incorporation PHOTOCAT with Maurizio Verga ( A Collection of Exemplary incidents Photographic Registered in Italy until 1998) to 202 reports from FOTOCAT That counted for a COUNTRY NEIGHBOR . Our gratitude such contribution by paragraph Maurizio , one of the most prominent researchers CISU .
    Maurizio Verga (left) and VJ Ballester Olmos, Sheffield (England ), 1995
    • Workshop in Germany
    Ray Stanford (Germany, 2004)
    Ray Stanford , PLUS Being writer and UFO researcher , has Taken numerous series of pictures and movies from the anomalous phenomena Jahr Top Fifty . Ray is Directly Linked With Over 50 's Episodes of this story , and has been cooperating generously FOTOCAT Project With the intense UN Documentation Exchange Scam . I personally know Ray since 1987 , and scam chance Do Travel Europe pronounce para A Conference at the Congress of MUFON -CES ( That Took Place on November 6, 2004 in Frankfurt , Germany ) , decided to enter without meeting in Munich during Days 7 and 8 November . Some Productive Meetings kept very face of the Review of the Immense parte Ray That visual material has Accumulated over all THESE Jahr .
    Part of the meeting was shared with Dr. Auguste Meesen ( Belgium ) , WITH Von Illobrand Ludwiger  ( German Group Who organized the conference) , and colleagues Various scams MUFON -CES . Illobrand promised Assist in the Development of the German part of the instance FOTOCAT , which facilitated UN para list of Known Cases CURRENTLY SUCH Country . Left : . Von Illobrand Ludwiger and VJ Ballester Olmos Right: Dr. Auguste Meessen and VJ Ballester Olmos.

    • Informal meeting in Barcelona,
    The November 30, 2004 , some researchers organized a casual meeting REVIEW para interesting UFO event that took place in the area of Terrassa ( Barcelona , Spain ) The Night from 29 to 30 November 1985 , when MANY Citizens , local police, Aircraft Pilots and radar operators Barcelona Airport viewed or detected UN strange aerial phenomenon . A TV team itself moved to the Place of the sighting from the UN Video That Grabo brightness unidentified . Ramon Alvarez , Jordi Ardanuy , Flò Martí , Manuel Borraz , Pedro León and my to discuss this UFO Observation and Progress Tracking Registered in Some Lines of Inquiry , including the obtaining a copy of the full video and the edited at TV3 by Peter Leon. Left to Right : M. Flò , R. Alvarez , VJ Ballester Olmos, J. Ardanuy , M. Borraz and P. León  (Barcelona , 2004)

    Call to Readers
    Stakeholder Assist in the Development of the United Nations full catalog of UFO and IFO events in their information zones ( provinces, regions or states ) Readers can WRITE FOTOCAT Project to Address fotocat@anomalia.org
    Donation of Photographic Materials
    ALSO , Researchers Wishing to donate some floors Photographic Documentation or Materials To What can be preserved and integrated into the UN global file international ARE INVITED to write .