2009/12/16 (EN)

English language editing: Martin Shough
Papers, articles and research reports by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, just published or reedited.
• My paper “State-of-the-Art in UFO Disclosure Worldwide” (see the link http://www.webcitation.org/6mx70QNdt) was originally finished by June 2009, but publication was delayed until November 1, 2009. In this short interval of four months there were developments in the field of official UFO document release in several countries. Since it was posted, several researchers and readers have contributed some other additions to the core of the paper, the historical template that reviews all instances where policy decisions were actuated for governmental UFO documents to go public.
With the added collected input, I have modified the UFO disclosure table to reflect an up-to-date global picture of the UFO declassification and release status.
One new country has been added, this is Finland (which numbers 27th), there have been a few substantial changes in Brazil, Russia and Uruguay, in terms of recent news about UFO files declassified, and several improvements, minor changes or corrections have been made for Argentina, Canada, France and the United Kingdom. Because of the positive reception given to this work by investigators, I considered that an update would be welcome and worth the effort.
As can be seen from the matrix data, the effect of progressive legislation and FOIA applications has enabled numerous UFO releases, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries (i.e. USA, UK, Canada and Australia). Also, as noted researcher Jan Aldrich has observed, efforts in the United States by individuals to search for UFO documents in various nation's archives have resulted in remarkable findings. Their dedication cannot be praised enough.
The new template has been attached to the original paper and is to be found at: http://www.webcitation.org/6mx7HpbeI
Acknowledgements: The following sources or direct correspondents have provided part of the information included in the present update: Jan Aldrich, Dr. David Clarke, Ademar J. Gevaerd, Patrick Gross, Daniel Iglesias, Martin Jasek, Claude Maugé, Svobodnaya Press, Fernando de Aragão Ramalho, and Kari Valimas.
• The National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP) is an US organization whose goal is “to improve aviation safety and enhance scientific knowledge”, as its motto says. Established in the year 2000, it is dedicated to the advancement of aviation safety issues as they apply to unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). Under the leadership of chief scientist Dr. Richard F. Haines, NARCAP is operated by scientists and other professionals involved in aeronautics and aviation, with the assistance of multiple technical advisers and collaborators, both national and international. Its official web site is: http://www.narcap.org/
To date, it has released 13 technical reports as well as several topical reviews, investigator support papers and international air safety reports. I am happy to announce that it has just posted the paper “Infrared Photographs of Alleged UFOs”, by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos and Miguel Guasp, originally published in a book by the authors and now translated into English by Richard Heiden for a wider audience. This article in pdf format can be downloaded from the following link:
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