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2009/11/01 (EN)

English language editing: Martin Shough
Papers, articles and research reports by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, just published or reedited.
The present edition of the FOTOCAT Project’s Blog is to announce the publication of the paper STATE-OF-THE-ART IN UFO DISCLOSURE WORLDWIDE, by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos.
This is the first synthesis or synopsis ever done of the status of declassification or release of official UFO archives by every Government in the world, accurately updated to May 2009.
In this context by “UFO disclosure” I mean the revelation, declassification or release of official UFO reports from governmental files, placed in the public domain either directly or via the news media, researchers, and UFO organizations.
It is true that the term “disclosure” has been lately associated to a certain movement which is not really grounded in reality, but I want to reclaim possession of this word for use in rational discourse.
With the publication of this essay, I plan to achieve several objectives; firstly, I would like to provide a compilation of historical data that illuminates a generally obscure subject. Then, I hope it will generate feedback to expand this table and improve its accuracy. Also, government officials may be inspired to commence similar release processes in their countries.
Finally, I wish to share with you the kind words that Dr. Jacques Vallee has written to preface the announcement of the release of the present paper:
The field of aerial phenomena research has long been plagued by half-truths and poor information. The media have contributed to this misinformation either by ignoring important facts or by trumpeting the "release of secret files" that were never secret in the first place.

It is refreshing to see a complete statement of the state of official information on an international scale. This is a "work in progress," since many files that remain in the custody of military authorities in major countries have yet to be brought to light, but Sr. Ballester-Olmos has patiently assembled a document that provides an important baseline for future research.

With no further delay, this paper is freely available at:
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