2005/01/02 (EN)

Vicente -Juan Ballester Olmos
FOTOCAT has just accumulated 5,000 reports.
International Cooperation
The following researchers have contributed with materials to our Project: French Patrice Seray of CNEGU, Italian Giorgio Abraini (CISU), Argentine amateur astronomer Carlos Demaria , Cuban (Resident in Spain) Carlos Fleites Gonzalez, and Spaniards José Luis Ramírez and Luis R. González. An important contribution has been PHOTOCAT, the record of UFO pictures in Italy, by Maurizio Verga.  
Maurizio Verga (left) and VJ Ballester Olmos, Sheffield (England ), 1995
Workshop in Germany
With the occasion of delivering a lecture to the November 6, 2004 MUFON-CES congress at Frankfurt, I met in Germany to a number of international researchers like Ray Stanford (US), Dr. Auguste Meesen (Belgium) , and German Illobrand von Ludwiger.

Ray Stanford (Germany, 2004)

Dr. Auguste Meessen and VJ Ballester Olmos (right).
Informal meeting in Barcelona,
On November 30, 2004, I organized in Barcelona city a meeting with a number of ufologists from Catalonia: Ramón Alvarez , Jordi Ardanuy , Martí Flò , Manuel Borraz, Pedro León. The meeting was quite fruitful and very friendly, as the picture shows.
Left to Right : M. Flò , R. Alvarez , VJ Ballester Olmos, J. Ardanuy , M. Borraz and P. León  (Barcelona , 2004)