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2004/04/20 (EN)

Updated Count

FOTOCAT has reached the number of 4,600 cases on file, as of April 20, 2004... and it is growing at a fast pace.

Latest International Cooperation

One of USA ufology´s heroes, Ted Phillips, is back for good. Naturally on the field he knows well, UFO-related traces. However, thanks to our old friendship, Ted has been kind enough to provide FOTOCAT Project with a number of interesting images and photographs for the record.

Long-time researcher and author Raul Berenguel from Portugal has reported about a meteo satellite photograph taken January 1975, a very curious piece that has been recovered.

Pedro León Sistach, from Barcelona (Spain), is kindly helping in the case-extracting process from UFO journals like Inforespace (Belgium).

The Italian researcher and author of several historical monographs Giuseppe Stilo has provided a catalog of photographic cases in Italy for the period 1942 to 1954, with none less than 36 events, a remarkable addition to FOTOCAT.

Researchers holding massive databanks or websites are usually target for FOTOCAT consultations and case requests. We are glad to report the regular assistance and immediate response reaction from Brian Vike (Director, HBCC UFO Research, Canada), as well as Larry Hatch and Larry Robinson from the USA. Thanks, guys!

For sending digital images of our interest Terry Groff, for making inquiries on our behalf Victor Golubic, both from the United States, and for sending photocopies of old journals Bruno Mancussi (Switzerland).

Notable UFO researcher and writer Richard Hall -of The UFO Evidence fame- has kindly provided the photographic cases collected in his new essay on the huge 1966-1967 wave.

Marti Flò, current president of CEI, the oldest UFO organization in Barcelona, Spain, is to be commended by the flow of information handed to me.

In addition to photographic material and documentation, others provide copies of the UFO journals they publish, like Christine Zwygart, from the French group CNEGU which edits Les Mysteres de L´Est.

Let us close the present News issue recalling the UFO community that donations of materials, regional catalogs, references, newsclippings, photographic books, etc. will be most appreciated. Post items to:

Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos
Apartado de Correos 12140
46080 Valencia

Or write by electronic mail to ballesterolmos@yahoo.es