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2003/06/28 (EN)

FOTOCAT is a world-wide catalogue of UFO photography reaching 3,400+ entries by end June 2003, and growing at a fast pace. As a project of the not-for-profit Spanish association Anomaly Foundation , it receives donations of files and materials from investigators all over the world, and many UFO researchers are contributing to the success of the program. The whole catalogue will be posted free by the internet at a later stage.

Acknowledgements To Recent Assistance

Dr Donald Johnson, who is managing UFOCAT, the largest UFO database in the world, is co-operating with us by submitting regional listings which are checked with our own records. It feeds FOTOCAT with fresh new cases. UFOCAT was originally devised and started by Dr Dave Saunders, who was a scientific member of the Condon Committee, and I was one of the grand catalog´s correspondents.

Brasilian ufologist Claudier Covo has provided us with a set of scans of the famous Barra da Tijuca photographs taken May 7, 1952.

Ray Stanford has taken the trouble to compile in an spreadsheet format specially prepared for us, a chronological summary of the 40+ imagery cases he has been involved from 1954 to the present.

From Switzerland, the experienced researcher Bruno Mancussi has contributed a list of 108 explained and unexplained photographic cases reported in his country in the last 50 years.

Albert Rosales (California) is adding useful tracks to the catalog by providing urls of web sites which contain lots of UFO photos, to be stored in our image archive and catalog.

Also we thank Monsieur Bernard Thouanel, the French editor-in-chief of the magazine VSD Hors Series, for sending us specific valuable images.

Project 1954 E-List

A very happy initiative of two remarkable Italian long-time UFO students, Giuseppe Stilo and Edoardo Russo, from the major CISU organisation, has materialised in the creation of a internet forum list uniquely devoted to the 1954 wave. Some 60 experts from over 20 nations are present in this dialogue gallery. In monthly instalments, the collection of FOTOCAT´s photographic cases from the epoch was posted and discussed, and a number of documentation improvements were produced as a consequence.

How Can You Assist Us?

The Project will gratefully receive references to internet links where UFO photographs appear, as well as any class of documents on UFO photos, films or videos, magazine articles, papers or reports, book sections, etc., both as actual information or as bibliographical references. Every help will be duly recognized.

Prints of pictures, slides, disquettes, CD roms, any format containing UFO or IFO) images are welcomed. Any personal, isolated collection will find its proper place in FOTOCAT, where any such material will be in its due context and properly documented with other sources, giving shape to a phenomenal record of photographic evidence of the UFO problem.

You can contact me by email: ballesterolmos@yahoo.es

Or through my postal address follows as well:

Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos
Apartado de Correos 12140
46080 Valencia