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2002/11/22 (EN)

  • Mr Anders Liljegren, from the Swedish organization Archives for UFO Research, has supplied us with a catalog of 200 cases from Sweden where photo, film or video has been obtained.

  • Photographic results from the EMBLA 2002 expedition to Hessdalen (Norway) have been graciously contributed thanks to Dr Massimo Teodorani, Italy.

  • Veteran Polish ufologist Mr Bronislaw Rzepecki has provided a specially-prepared catalog of 65 UFO cases with pictures or videos having been reported in Poland, from 1957 to 2001.

  • The well-known US researcher Mr Richard Heiden is helping FOTOCAT in a very sensibly way: Rich has agreed to review the complete collections of both "The APRO Bulletin" and "The UFO Investigator", from defunct organizations APRO and NICAP, to submit in xeroxcopy form every information related to a photographic UFO/IFO event. It will certainly add many cases and actual documentation to the present photo archives.

  • A "Catalogue of Australian Photographic UFO Reports" with 118 incidents from 1935 to 2002 has been prepared by the stupendous researcher from down under, Mr Keith Basterfield. Its contents add significantly to the known records from Australia and Tasmania.

  • CEFAA, the official Civil Aviation organization from Chile charged by the Government with the responsability to study the UFO phenomenon is helping FOTOCAT as well. Mr Gustavo Rodríguez, CEFAA´s executive secretary, is providing us with photographic and video records. With a prior cooperation of Diego Zúniga, editor of "La Nave de los Locos" journal, the picture FOTOCAT has of the UFO phenomenon in Chile is now outstanding.

FOTOCAT is requesting to investigators and organizations alike to submit us lists of local photographic cases, with the following information (just one line per case, any other information -case abstract, images, etc.- are optional): Date-Format (still, film or video)-Name of photographer-Location-Explanation (if there is one)

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos
Research Director
Anomaly Foundation
Apartado de Correos 12140
46080 Valencia